Marie Louka,
UX designer.

IBM Learning

UX Design, research.
Designing an internal learning platform for IBM employees to modernize IBM's employee training.
Case study coming soon.
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Royal Caribbean: At Port

Academic case study. UX design, research.
Concept for a new feature for the Royal Caribbean mobile app to support travelers as they prepare for port cities.
Case study coming soon.
Mobile app interface showing main navigation and time until ship departureMobile app interface showing instructions for what to do in case traveler is left behind by the ship


Design system, UI design.
Designing, documenting, and sharing re-usable components and patterns for IBM's corporate social responsibility websites.
Case study coming soon.
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Field school. Strategy, research, filmmaking.
Research and reportage on Dutch design and art, captured in a documentary and a series of short videos with Dutch designers and artists.
Case study coming soon.